Fall/Winter 22-23' Trends

Fall/Winter 22-23' Trends

Punk  Les dfils Rokh Marine Serre Burberry de la Fashion Week automnehiver 20222023

Key Trends for Fall / Winter.. 

1. New Classic  : White Tank Top

2. Transparent Evening Dress : The black dress work with black visible underwear or pants. You could also translate this into a sheer black top with a visible bra. 

3. School Girl : White shirt, tie, skirt, blazer and trousers.

4. Corseted Ballgown : Structure of the corset met the fluidity of a skirt or gown. This can be interpreted in many ways besides a gown... skirt and corseted cami, etc. 

5. Faux Fur : In a natural color palette

6. Back to the 2000's : Ultra low waist lines, nano skirts, total denim looks, and trompe l'oeil 

7. Punk : Sharp lines, patchwork style tartan, metal buckles.. the color palette was never too dark. 

8. Ultra Violet : Pantone predicted that purple, very peri would be the star color of the season. Purple seems to have dethroned pink worn as a full look or as an accent.

9. Biker :  Biker jacket, gloves, multi-pocket skirt and leather racing essentials. 

10. Micro-Skirts : Mini, micro, nano... As long as it is short! The skirt came in XXS versions,

11. New Waistline : Casually tie a knit around our waist, this cool and effortless gesture was seen on a silk dress, a sportwear ensemble, etc

12. Roaring 20's : Art Deco accents, boas and glittering details revived this nostalgic era.

13. Flaming Silhouettes : Red was a key color seen at the shows.

14. Dominatrix : Total vinyl looks, dresses, boots, latex and corsets dominated the runways.

15. Catsuits : Little black dresses took a backseat to second-skin catsuits.

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